Knowledge Is Security

Are you interested in protecting and preventing theft from your business or organisation by up to 90 percent? 

Our systems has done just that for several organisations and we can do the same thing for you! Our proven track record speaks for itself.
We promise to review your current system and determine how it can be improved. We will then give you advice on how to improve your overall processes. We have helped companies cut down theft and improve work efficiency. Our product can help save you time, money and headaches!

Safaritec provides expert security assessment, advice, strategic planning, design and project management services for private, corporate and public sector clients
Safaritec is an independent consultancy not tied to any other businesses. This means that the advice we give you is unbiased, objective and impartial.
After reviewing your needs, we make recommendations that are right for your business - and your budget.

Our security professionals all have high level of computer network and system integration training and meet the highest standards of confidentiality and discretion. No matter how stringent or demanding your security requirements, we can recommend solutions that address them to your complete satisfaction.


SafariTec is the industry leader in providing solutions for every security application and can help you select the right products for your solutions.

·         CCTV surveillance solutions

·         Residential security

·         Business security

·         Personal security

·         Retail

·         Education

·         Remote location

·         Remote control and access

·         Hospitality

·         Computer networks


         Video surveillance

         Intrusion detection

         Fire and life safety

         Access control

         Covert security systems

         Door locking

         Network infrastructure

         Electronic and electrical wire and data cabling

         Sound and mass notification

         Home automation

         Hardware, tools and accessories

         IP solutions

 Personal security

1-    Alarm

2-    GPS tracker

3-    Evidence spray

4-    Paper spray

5-    Tactical torch

6-    GSM alarm and remote voice monitoring

7-    Covert intrusion


1-    Burglar alarm

2-    PIR intrusion detection monitoring

3-    Perimeter wall monitoring system

4-    Passive infrared sensor

5-    PIR alarm

6-    CCTV

7-    GSM alarm

8-    Early warning system

9-    Smart home solutions

Asset security

1-    GPS tracker

2-    CCTV

3-    GSM alarm

4-    Remote voice monitoring

5-    Laser identification system

Vehicle security

1-    CCTV

2-    GSM voice monitoring

3-    GPS tracker

4-    Laser identification systems

Business security solutions

1-    CCTV

2-    Burglar alarm

3-    Profit loss prevention

4-    Asset tracking

Surveillance covert systems

1-    GSM remote listening systems

2-    Electronic bug detector

3-    Covert video and voice recording systems

4-      Eavesdropping

5-      Mobile signal interceptor

6-      Remote control systems

Hospitality Systems

Hospitality businesses operates within the open door policies, which means, you can not control who works in and out of  your business at any given time Hospitality industry is our specialty, we understand the difficulties involved in running any type of hospitality business from Z1 – Z5. Technology we implement in hospitality industries ranges from front to back-end management applications. We integrate the following systems to enable business owners to remotely monitor and take control of any critical situation.

Hospitality system Integration:

  • Booking / EPOS system
  • Electronic doors
  • Access control systems
  • CCTV / Alarm systems
  • Safety and warning systems
  • Stock and asset tracking
  • Communication systems
  • Billing management

Local government

We provide full consultancy services for local government authority, with expert system design, installation and project management to specified international standards.

  • Staff attendance management
  • Building management
  • Revenue collection systems
  • Data flow structure
  • System and machine automation
  • Security risk assessment
  • Asset tracking
  • Access controlled systems