Safaritec-About Us

Company information

Our business model:
Is to save you money, time and technical blunder. we carry out feasibility study on various systems in your business to assess the operational, technical and economic merits of its Viabilities.
SafariTec model is straight forward to understand, "we automate your business process and you handle day to day aspect of your business".
We work ahead of technology to enable us to support your current system and minimise cost for future expansion and integration needs.


Our experience in consultancy and  implementation

  •   Security risk assessment
  •   Computer network design and support
  •   Business management system
  •   Systsem Integration
  •   Health and safety system checks
  •   New technology feasibility
  •   Remote management solution
  •   Business Systemisation and Automation

Industries we support

  • Law firms
  • Education
  • Recruitment
  • Hospitality
  • Retails

System Consultant

Alfred Rogol Okello is a qualified system engineer trained and educated in the UK.
He has a particular interest in electronic security, integrated business systems,
computer networks and all areas of business process automation.
He has worked extensively within the private and local governmentventures implementing various
Projects, his technicalqualifications are matched with a good balance between commercial and
contractual awareness, practical technical knowledge, and an enthusiasmto get the right result. 

He has over 17 years of relevant experience in business systems, computer networks, hospitality
management system and technical training.
He has worked on various projects in Asia, Africa and within mainland Europe.